Admin stuffs

Exporting a repository

As stated by the name, this feature allows you to simply export to a JSON file a part or a whole Microcks repository. By repository we mean, all your Micro-services definitions, their operations and request / response samples. Import jobs or tests are not exportable. Exporting and then re-importing repository allows you for example, to quickly set-up a new environment with potentially different response times settings (see below) for dedicated usage such as performance validation or user-acceptance tests.

The export feature is reachable using the Administration > Export repository entry into the top menu bar has shown below. It needs no specific privileges.

The list of your Micro-services / version pairs is then displayed and you just need to select the target services before hitting the Export button.

Export is then created and made available as a microcks-repository.json file being downloaded. This file is ready to be imported into another Microcks instance.

Importing a repository

Configuring response times

Monitoring mocks activity