The communication and runtime tool for your Micro-services Mocks

Business Friendly
Use the tool your business expert knows: SoapUI, Postman or whatever! No need to learn a new DSL or configuration syntax.
Continuous Integration
Integrate seemlessly in your continuous build or pipelines.
Scale to hundreds of mocks, billions of hits on a single instance.

What's Microcks?

Microcks helps providers of API and micro-services to rapidly deliver :

  • A comprehensible vision of their API, exposing sample requests and responses as well as base functional rules (cases when API responds A or B or raises exceptions)
  • A set of testing environments to allow API consumers or System Under Tests to use API even if implementation is not finished!
  • Contract testing plans of their API, allowing them to run, record and compare contract tests run against different environments.

When deploying API, micro-services or SOA practices at large scale, Microcks solves the problems of providing and sharing consistent documentation and mocks to the involved teams. It acts as a central repository and server that can be used for browsing but also by your Continuous Integration builds or pipelines.

Finally, Microcks does not impose a new configuration or Domain Specific Language to describe your mocks. It uses the contracts and provides binding with SoapUI or Postman (with some naming conventions). Your business expert describe requests and responses with the tool he knows, Microcks translates it and can do it repeatedly every time new mocks appears into your SCM.

Introduction in 13 minutes